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Red Rover

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Played by the rascals of Darien High School.
This is a fun game for mild or warm weather.


1. Two opposing teams line up, facing one another. All players hold hands. 

2. A member of one team calls another play, chanting "Red Rover, Red Rover,________come over!"     The player who is called must run over to the opposing team, trying to break through their 
    locked arms/hands.  If the runner fails to break through, he or she must join the opposing team. 

3. If a player plays through the opposing team's line, he/she returns to his/her own team, taking a 
   selected player join the opposition. 

4. The team which succeeds in capturing all the opposing players wins. 

Running Bases

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As played by the rascals of Darien High School

1.  Players begin at different bases.

2. On "GO", the catchers toss the ball back and forth to each other.  The players must run to the opposite base.  If the catchers throw the ball back and forth three times all the players have to run to the opposite base therefore running players can not stay at one base for too long.  The object is to get to the opposite base without getting tagged by the ball. 

3. If you are tagged by the ball you become a catcher.  You can set the rules in the beginning of the game whether you can actually hit runners with the soft ball or whether the catcher has to touch you with the ball.   

4. It is best played in sunny, dry weather.   Enjoy! 

Blob Tag

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                                             BLOB TAG  

“Blob Tag” Rules
  1. Start with a group of people, someone who is “it”, and a large space with boundaries.
  2. The person who is “it” needs to tag the other people playing.
  3. When that person is tagged, they become part of the blob by linking hands with the person who tagged them.
  4. This blob needs to run and work together to tag the other players.
  5. The blob continues to try to tag the other players while they run away.
  6. The last remaining person who is not part of the blob wins the game.

Necessary Materials
  1. A large open space with boundaries
  2. Lots of people


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As demonstrated by the game players of Darien High School 

Instructions: Instructions

  1. Make boxes (as shown above).
  2. Get into a vertical line with the first person holding a bean bag.
  3. The first person gently tosses the bean bag so that it lands in one of the boxes. (If it lands in between boxes you may push it into whichever you please, and if it does not land in any box then you are out).
  4. Hop on one foot in the single boxes and on both feet in the double boxes with one foot in each box.
  5. Avoid jumping on the box that your beanbag landed in on the way to the box marked 10, and when you are coming back pick up the beanbag while still avoiding jumping in the box it was in.
  6. If you fall while playing, step out of the boxes, toss the bag outside the boxes, switch feet, or step on the box with the beanbag in it, you are out.
  7. Once you successfully complete one round, go to the end of the line and try again until someone wins.


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                                    As played by the rascals of Darien High School 

Chopsticks (Dedos Mágicos)

Objective: to get all five fingers of your opponent extended on both of their hands

  1. Each player starts with one finger extended on each hand
  2. One person goes first and taps one of the opponent's fingers
  3. The opponent must add the amount of fingers on the opponent’s hand to the number of fingers they already had extended on their hand then display this amount by extended more fingers on their hand. For example in the first turn one player adds 1 to the other player's hand so that player must then put out two fingers on that hand.
  4. The game continues on alternating between the two players
  5. Once a player’s hand has five fingers extended on it that hand is out and the player must put it behind their back
  6. If a player gets both hands out they lose

  • players are allowed to split up the amount of fingers they have extended on a hand so it is distributed across both hands.  For example if one player has four fingers extended on their hand and only one extended on the other they can split it up by extending two fingers on each hand. This trick only works if a player has four fingers on one hand.

Shadow Tag

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SHADOW TAG   --- as played at Darien High School


1. One must play on a sunny day, when shadows may be cast. 

2. Players gather in a given area and try to eliminate other players by tagging their shadows. It is necessary to keep scurrying around, to avoid having one's shadow tagged. 

3. A player whose shadow has been tagged must be seated and is "out." 

4. The last player standing is the winner of the match.  

This game is a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

Balloon Tag

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BALLOON TAG  --- A lively game as played by the rascals of Darien High School 

Balloon Tag Rules
  1. Every player must have a balloon tied to one of their ankles.
  2. Each player must try to pop other participant’s balloons.
  3. Each player must protect his/her own balloon.
  4. The last player standing (the person who has the only remaining inflated balloon) is the winner.
  5. Depending on the size of the game, mark out an appropriate area for it to take place, so that it’s not too big or too small.
  1. a large open space, with set boundaries
  2. fully inflated balloon (one per person)
  3. string to attach balloon to ankles

Blind Man's Buff

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Rascals from Darien High School play the traditional game, "Blind Man's Buff."

Blind Man’s Bluff
  1. 3+ people
  2. Blindfold
  1. Select one person to be the Blind Man, and place the blindfold securely over his or her eyes.
  2. The Blind Man then must spin in place 5 times.
  3. The remaining players disperse and run away as the Blind Man is completing his spins.
  4. The Blind Man yells “STOP!” when he has completed his spins.
  5. When the players hear the “STOP!” call, they must stop moving.
  6. The Blind Man must find all the players while remaining blindfolded.
  7. Players may dodge the attempts of the Blind Man to tag them, but must not move their feet.
  8. Once all of the players are found, the first person to be tagged should take the place of the blind man.
  9. If the Blind Man is having trouble finding all the remaining players, the players who have already been found can help, with verbal "clues."


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The rascals from Darien High School play their exciting game, Leap-Freeze. 


1. Someone is elected to be "the chaser."  

2. The other players swiftly disperse. The chaser pursues the other players across a large field. 

3. When the chaser tags a player, he/she must crouch down, "frozen," and remain in position. 

4. Another player may release a "frozen" team-mate by leaping over him/her. 

5. A player who is tagged twice becomes a "chaser." 

6. The game ends when the chasers have tagged everyone.  

This is great fun in summer. Enjoy! 


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Rascals from Darien High School play their version of "Spoons."

Chancho va

Objective: get 4 of a kind and grab a spoon
Who wins: person who gets 4 of a kind and first spoon
Who loses: person who doesn't get a spoon

  1. Deal four cards to every player
  2. Have one less spoon than number of players
  3. Assign a dealer and give them the remaining deck of cards
  4. The dealer grabs one card from the deck and discards one of the five cards he/she has (can only have four cards at a time)
  5. Repeat step 4 until one player gets 4 of a kind
  6. When one player gets 4 of a kind, that player grabs a spoon quietly and hides it
  7. Every other player must react as quickly as possible and grab the remaining spoons no matter what 4 cards they have
  8. The player who does not get a spoon loses and is out
  9. Repeat step 1-8 with the decreasing amount of players/spoons until there is a winner